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How to maintenance the air conditioning in Cambridge?

Air conditioning Cambridge

air conditioning in CambridgeWhether it is the car, the home or electronics, everything requires a certain amount of maintenance. Often it is something that people look up to: it takes time and, in many cases, money, because not everything can be done by yourself, where occasionally professionals have to be called in. Yet it is worth investing both time, and money, in maintenance. It helps prevent the decline in functionality and ensures that the life of the air conditioner is extended.

Why service your air conditioning in Cambridge?

Air-conditioning systems are generally relatively low-maintenance. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to spotless the air conditioner twice a year. This way, you can avoid having to replace the air conditioner prematurely. The average lifespan of an air conditioner is around 10 years, of course this depends on usage. To make sure that clean air can be blown into the room all this time, the filter needs to be clean, otherwise in extreme cases you may get sick or, if you are sensitive to it, have an allergic reaction. Cleaning these filters on time is therefore very important. In addition, it is good to keep track of the amount of refrigerant. If an air conditioner does not contain enough refrigerant, you run the risk of the air conditioner not cooling as well or even breaking down.

How can you do this yourself?

Doing air conditioning maintenance yourself can be done partly by anyone. An important part of air conditioning maintenance is keeping it clean. Do you have a split air conditioner with an indoor and outdoor unit? If so, make sure that both the indoor and outdoor units are kept clean. The units themselves can be cleaned with a duster and damp cloth. The filter is also relatively easy to clean: to remove the dust on the outside, a hooked can be used. Wiping is ideally done with lukewarm water.

What can you do yourself and what not?

The part of air conditioning maintenance that should not be done yourself is filling the air conditioner after any leakage. This is because it requires certain equipment that not just anyone can or may operate. When filling the arco, the old refrigerant is first removed from the arco. Once this is done, a leak test is done using nitrogen. If this reveals that there has been a leak somewhere, it will first be repaired. Then comes vacuuming, which means that the moisture is removed from the pipes. The air conditioning is then refilled with refrigerant. A professional who performs this for you will also always check that all connections are good, to check for leaks. If leaks are discovered, the system will first be made leak-tight.

What can Emergency Plumber Cambridge do for you?

Emergency Plumber Cambridge employs a team of expert mechanics, and therefore qualified to carry out all work related to the installation and maintenance of air conditioners and plumbing repair. Maintenance of your arco can be carried out by Emergency Plumber Cambridge on request. A technician will visit your home to check the unit and, if necessary, carry out repairs. Call us!

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